Paper lightbox Tutorial

Space between layers in paper lightbox

Space between layers

I received many questions about space between layers in papercut lightbox. A lot of answers given that it should be around 3-5mm, some said it’s up to 1 cm.

For me, it’s not a fixed number

Space depends many factors such as:

  1. Paper thickness

  2. Light’s brightness

  3. Far sights and close-up sights

  4. Box’s depth

Paper thickness

How thick the paper we should use (it will be mentioned later). You need to aware that the thicker paper is the less bright light is. Thin paper can boost light effect stronger. Hence, using thick paper and big space between layers makes light’s brightness weaker. In contrast, thin papers and too narrow space might lead to visibility of layer behind.

Another problem is that too thin paper will cause the inner images to spill.I usually use 160gms paper for 18x18cm size box and 200gms paper for boxes > 25cm

Light’s brightness

There are a variety of lights used in papercut light box. The most common one is Strip Led and Diode Led

I use 5V Led Strip for its better bright quality, safe, anti-heat and anti-explosion. If the brightness is weak, you can adjust the space wider to add more depth to the box.

Far sights and close-up sights

It is often neglected and ignored most of the time.

Far sights like mountains, sky, clouds are usually stuck together more than close-up sights like people standing inside city. Most inner layers have more narrow space than outer layers. Therefore, we don’t have to fix the space between layers but adjust it based on far sights and close-up sights. Your light box will be field-deeper.

Box’s depth

The last but not least factor that you should determine since the beginning is box’s depth. I use 7cm depth for 6-8 layers. With this size, I’m able to adjust the space easier and make better light effect for the light box.

So we don’t have to figure out the rules of placing papers we should try many times. Try arranging with different distances. You will be surprised

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Cras consectetur

In this design. I used 6 layer and space between each layer is 0.5cm

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